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New Video Podcast Series Devoted to Story!

What is story? It surrounds us. It penetrates us. It binds the galaxy together. Here at Adventure Lab we will be chronicling the golden age of greekdom and how storytelling is at the core of it’s universe. Adventure Lab is a new episodic video podcast series covering premier fantasy culture and movie news all within the context of story development. With new episodes released each week, the new ground breaking series covers premier fantasy news and sets out to answers the aged old question: what really makes a great story? Hosted by Rebekah Platt and View Digital Media’s Will Keown, the series is produced by Galatia Films in association with Weta Workshop and Adventure Lab invites A-list talent and production visionaries to join us on a journey to explore what really makes us fall in love with great movies, books, and games. See media kit and opening intro below.

Are we adrift in our storytelling today? Have we in someways lost sight of the basics? Are there any original ideas left? What makes a successful story timeless and why are some films and games better than others? Teaming up with, the best source on the internet for all things Hobbit, Tolkien, and Lord of the Rings along with Academy Award winning special effects house Weta Workshop, Adventure Lab sets out to explore storytelling in a whole new way.

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