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GalatiaTV offers advertisers an opportunity to reach audiences all across the web, with many unique viewers a month across our large distribution network of leading online video destinations. Galatia Films Entertainment, LLC also offers a wide range of advertising solutions via trailers and films distributed through it’s network on iTunes, Xbox and the Sony Playstation. We’ve partnered with many advertisers from Fortune 500 companies to Universities, including Warner Bros, BMW, Microsoft, Clemson University, International Paper, and American Express.

Our advertising solutions include:
Sponsor and Brand Integration: Customized in-programming advertiser and sponsorship placements, coordinated with our standard media.

* Interstitials, hosted promos and sponsorship bumpers
* Host mentions to deliver key brand messaging
* Scripted brand integrations and sponsored segments
* Site skinning and sponsored web content
* Custom series development

Industry Standard Ad Solutions: Relevant rich media and video placements.

* 300×25 and 728×90 banners and rich media on network sites and partner channels
* In-stream video ad units: pre-roll, mid-roll and post-roll placements
* In-video overlay units on network sites
* Coordinated YouTube in-video overly and companion banner

Industry Leading Ad Serving, Tracking and Reporting: Measuring viewer reach, engagement and frequency with leading third-party partners.

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