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Epic or Bust: Episode 2

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Epic or Bust: First look at The Walking Dead Season 2, True Blood, Twilight: Breaking Dawn This week’s episode of Epic or Bust from Boomtron.com features breaking news on the hit television shows The Walking Dead and True Blood, and the highly-anticipated films Twilight: Breaking Dawn and Cowboys and Aliens. This episode is available at Boomtron.com and is produced by Galatia Films, the creators of top Lord of the Rings youtube channels Hobbit in 5 and Soundscapes of Middle-earth. Simone Boyce hosts out of Hollywood, CA delivering up-to-date details on the three closing mega franchises and also offers details on the new Game of Thrones series that debuted this year on HBO. Boyce produces the popular video series Game of Thrones For Dummies and is well equipped to deliver the latest story developments for this popular series.

Future episodes of Epic or Bust will wrap up weeks highlights in fantasy news both book and film/TV related with exclusive box office preview just for fantasy fans.


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